Will Egypt’s Shuttle Diplomacy work on Hamas and Israel?

Egypt's Shuttle Diplomacy

The Egyptian Intelligence Chief and Palestinian factions met on May 31 to discuss the reconstruction of Gaza, reaching a ceasefire, settlement of disputes, lifting the siege over Gaza etc.

Egyptian Intelligence Chief, Major General Abbas Kamel on May 31 visited the Gaza Strip to meet the leaders of the Palestinian factions. He continues his shuffle diplomacy tour after visiting Jerusalem and Ramallah. The visit aims to follow up on the decision of the reconstruction of Gaza after the Israeli aggression for 11 days.

Besides the efforts to settle the disagreements between the Palestinian factions and following up on the truce agreement between the Palestinians and Israel, Kamel also inspected necessary sites for the building and reconstruction process of Gaza. The visit came after the $500 million initiative by President Sisi for the reconstruction of Gaza, to be implemented by Egyptian firms.

Source: RT Arabic

Kamel, upon his arrival, met Yahya Sinwar, the head of the political bureau of Hamas, accompanied by ministers from the Palestinian Authority (PA).

President El Sisi has underscored the importance of reaching a settlement between the Palestinian factions under the umbrella of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO).

During the meeting, they discussed different issues, including reconstruction of Gaza, reaching a ceasefire, settlement of disputes, the truce agreement, lifting the siege over Gaza, and other issues.

Source: RT Arabic

The visit comes after the meeting between Kamel and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, on Sunday in Jerusalem, and then to Ramallah to meet the PA under Mahmoud Abbas.

Kamel and Netanyahu discussed the ceasefire between the Palestinian factions and Israel and the return of Israeli prisoners in Gaza.

Moreover, PM Netanyahu stated during the meeting that Israel would not accept Hamas to divert resources meant for the civilian population in Gaza.

Earlier, Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry met his counterpart Gabi Ashkenazi in Cairo, to discuss a permanent ceasefire.

Also, Ashkenazi said that Israel would not allow Gaza reconstruction to occur until the return of the Israeli prisoners.

In response, Khalil Al-Hayya, a member of Hamas’s political bureau, said at a press conference on Monday that the movement will never accept linking prisoner exchanges to the Gaza Strip’s reconstruction.

Yahya Sinwar said: “We have the opportunity to achieve progress in the file of exchange of prisoners and we are ready for indirect negotiations with Israel regarding this issue.”

According to Sinwar, it is expected that the Palestinian faction, Hamas would make a visit to Egypt soon to discuss dispute settlement between Palestinian factions.

The regional and international partners are working to reinforce the truce. Foreign Minister of the US Antony Blinken stated that “Egypt was a real and effective partner in dealing with the latest violence between Israel and the Palestinians.”

Egypt has always been advocating Palestinian reconciliation since 2007 between the Palestinian factions. In addition, the Palestinian cause has always been in the frontline of Egyptian priorities.

Sisi said the discussions aim to avoid any escalation between Israel and Palestinians, reach comprehensive calm in the West Bank and Gaza, reconstruct the strip, and “build the Palestinian human.”

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