Two Massacres in Jenin Since the Beginning of This Year

The recent one has been described as “the most violent”

The brutal attacks in Jenin have never ended since the beginning of the year which resulted in two massacres, the first one was in January and it was the largest since the Al-Aqsa intifada in 2000, Meanwhile, the second massacre that happened this month was described as “the most violent” according to the Palestinian people who witnessed the brutality of the Israeli soldiers in the city.

The recent massacre came to attack and murder “Abd Al-Fattah Krwsheh”, 49 years old, who carried out the operation of “Hawarah” which resulted in the killing of two Israeli settlers after a series of raids on the West Bank conducted by Israel. In return, the attack leads to the murder of six Palestinian martyrs and the wounding of 26 others with serious injuries which threatened the security of the whole city.

According to the Israeli 12 channel, the Israeli government cleared the city from the Israeli settlers from the city by helicopter and isolated the Palestinians to maim and suppress them. The Israeli soldiers trapped the homes in the city with about 40 military machines and with soldiers undercover in civilian uniform, they explode the homes with rockets in participation with special forces and military helicopters, which led to acting a massacre there and horrifying the population leaving victims and injuries.

As it was reported in January, the attacks by Israel in the Jenin camp have been resulting in the killing of 9 Palestinians and injuring 16 others after a massacre that lasted for 4 hours and left huge devastation in homes and buildings including field executions for civilians. Not content with this but also Israel attacked Jenin hospital by setting fire and using tear gas, and it has attacked also the paramedics, which reflected the criminal practices of Israel against the Palestinians.

Moreover, Israel’s authority never stops its criminal efforts, and between the two massacres, it persisted to captivate more than 27 Palestinians from Nablus, Jenin, Bethlehem, and other regions in a clear escalation in West Bank, which may lead to elevating the escalation in the forthcoming months to be more threatening on Palestinians life and security.   


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