The Spectre Of Iran, Israel And U.S. Hypocrisy

There are two things (at least) that one can rely on from United States government officials. First, they will do anything and everything to protect and deify ‘sacred’ Israel, and second, they will take the opposite approach on Iran, blaming it for anything it could possibly, by any stretch of the imagination, be responsible for, and generally demonize it.

Israel, just a few years ago, declared itself a home for the Jewish people and only the Jewish people, thus marginalizing even further every non-Jew living in Israel, which is at least 20% of the population. Iran, in 1979, overthrew the brutal, U.S.-installed and supported Shah of Iran, and became the Islamic Republic of Iran. Yet it never declared itself the home for Muslims and only Muslims. Christians and Jews live in Iran and are subject to the same laws that Muslims are. Arabs, people from Africa, and other non-Jews living in Israel live by an entirely different set of laws, the violation of which brings far more severe consequences to them than any Israeli experiences for violating any law.

Yet Israel is declared by U.S. officials to be the only democracy in the Middle East, and Iran is seen as a repressive regime. But it isn’t Iran that is illegally occupying another nation, stealing its natural resources, killing, kidnapping, and torturing its residents. It isn’t Iran that flouts international law on a daily basis. It isn’t Iran that assassinates foreign scientists. No, it is Israel that does all that.

In the United States, prior to the 2016 presidential election, there has been a great hue and cry among government officials about Russia’s alleged interference in U.S. elections. Yet just in the 2019-2020 election cycle alone, pro-Israel lobbies contributed $11,490,629.00 to the campaigns of people running for election in the United States. In the 2018 mid-terms, that total exceeded $14,000,000.00. Does one think that these lobbies are doing this for the good of the people of the U.S.? Or is it more likely, perhaps, that once the beneficiaries of this generosity are sworn into office, these donations will be favors that need to be repaid?

Who are the beneficiaries of this largesse? Most, but not all, members of Congress bow at the Israeli altar, but some are deemed more worthy than others. In 2020, the following were the top five recipients:

  • David Perdue (R-GA): $1,053,098.00.
  • Joh Ossoff (D-GA): $701,688.00.
  • Kelly Loeffler (R-GA): $615,969.00.
  • Lee Zeldin (R-NY): $567,476.00.
  • Eliot Engel (D-NY): $545,933.00.

It’s somewhat interesting to note the pro-Israel lobbies didn’t have a great record of success with these five. Perdue, Loeffler, and Engel all lost their re-elections, with Engel being replaced by a pro-Palestinian high school principal.

One of the main issues for Israel is the growing success of the BDS (Boycott, Divest and Sanction) movement. The recent decision by Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream to cease operations in Occupied Palestine has been seen as the latest in a string of BDS victories. Yet in many states, the legislatures are banning BDS. A stunning report in USA Today called ‘Copy, Paste, Legislate’, stated that “we looked for legislation that was written by special interests. We found it in all 50 states”. Why are special interest groups able to write legislation? Because elected officials are beholden to them, and if they want to pro-Israel lobbies to finance future campaigns, they must do their bidding.

While it isn’t only pro-Israel lobbies that write legislation to be introduced in Congress, this is a clear instance of a foreign nation attempting to influence both U.S. elections and the U.S. policy. Where is the Congressional anger? Where is the righteous indignation of those august elected officials against this blatant attempt of a foreign government to sway U.S. elections? Why is the vitriol directed mainly to Russia and, more recently, to Iran? Is it, in the twisted minds of those who purport to represent the people of the United States, better for a country to overtly attempt to sway U.S. elections, than for it do to so covertly, as Russia and now Iran are being accused of doing?

This seems to be a major part of the Zionist playbook. Do something so outrageous, continually, until it becomes the norm and no one questions it. Israel frequently bombs the Gaza Strip, but it is only prolonged bombing campaigns that ever make the news. Israel has moved over 600,000 Israelis onto Palestinian land in blatant violation of international law, and former Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated categorically that no one would ever be required to leave; there is no chance his successor, Naftali Bennett, will stray from that policy. The Zionist entity continues to demolish Palestinian homes when a relative of the homeowner is accused of a crime; this is collective punishment, banned by international law, but it has become so commonplace that other governments and most media outlets don’t pay any attention to it. The crimes that Israel commits on a daily basis are too numerous to list here, but by constantly committing them, they have become normalized.

It is the same with Israel’s influence on U.S. elections. It’s been ongoing for years, so it is completely overlooked.

What does this say about U.S. governance? What does this tell us about the people who purport to represent U.S. citizens? In an article on Vox from 2015 titled ‘Study: Politicians listen to rich people, not you’, political scientists Martin Gilens of Princeton University, and Benjamin Page of Northwestern, said the following: In the U.S., “economic elites and organized interest groups play a substantial part in affecting public policy, but the general public has little or no independent influence.” Why would the general public have any influence? Perhaps if there were a ‘general public’ lobby, things would be different, but that’s not how things were set up in the U.S. Constitution. But neither was the power of special interest groups ever foreseen when that flawed and racist document was written.

Nothing will change. The oligarchy known as the United States will continue its disdain and contempt for international law, as it worships the almighty dollar and the power and prestige that it brings. Government officials will continue to send billions of dollars annually to Israel, while people in some U.S. cities have to buy their drinking water. They will mouth the meaningless platitude of Israel being the only democracy in the Middle East, even as two major, well-respected human rights groups proclaim and document that Israel is an apartheid regime. These same government officials will continue their brutal sanctions against Iran after violating a solemn agreement with that country and will attempt to convince the world that it is all Iran’s fault.

If former president Donald Trump did anything positive, it was unwittingly helping to expose the lies and hypocrisy of the U.S. They have been on clear display for centuries, but perhaps now people around the world, including in the U.S. will see them clearly.

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