Submission Guidelines

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  1. Do not send a pitch on a broad topic such as the United State foreign policy; you should narrow your focus to a specific aspect of the United State foreign policy and explain the angle you are pursuing such as a foreign policy with Iran, for example.
  2. Explain why your idea is timely, unique, important, and/or of interest to that particular outlet’s readers.
  3. Your pitch should reference primary sources and analysis. Always provide links to those sources.
  4. If your pitch is accepted, it cannot be published originally in full elsewhere; it will be exclusive to CME. After publication on CME, we and you will make every effort to see it published widely, with CME showing as the original source of publication, and you listed as the author.

Please, submit your article to

Please read our submission guidelines below for more information on what should be in your article.

  • Articles

We welcome all writer’s initiatives from all countries, especially writers from the Middle East or those who are interested in the Middle East issues. You are welcome to submit any article that may be of interest to our readers.

Your article should include  

  1. Headline or title.
  2. By-line.
  3. Lead.
  4. The body of story.
  5. The sources.
  6. The ending.

To improve your article’s chances of being published, follow these submission rules

  •  Accuracy: your article should base on real news items.
  •  Newsworthy: your article should attract readers by an informed audience that follows the region.
  • Original work: The article must be original work and exclusive CME. If CME publishes your work, we will make every effort to see it widely published on other websites, listing you as the author and CME as the original publication site.
  •  Length: your article should be within 1,000 words.
  • Unique angle: your story should be unique. Go in-depth with coverage and analysis not found in mainstream media outlets.
  • Sources and facts: Analyses and reports must be based on facts and quotes from sources, and all referenced information must be cited and/or linked.
  • Clear writing: Avoid jargon, metaphors and clichés.
  • Self-edit: Thoroughly proof your work before submitting it, removing grammatical errors and typos, and checking facts.
  • Appropriate language: Submit your article with appropriate language and the correct choice of words
  • Balance: your article must give both side of the story.


  1.  Use the primary sources
  2.  Each paragraph must contain facts. In case you obtained information or facts that are not common knowledge, you are advised to put a set of brackets [like these], for example, an interview, website, news article or report. This will serve as a note for the editor to know where you obtained the information presented in the paragraph.
  3.  All the external links must be is a separate page at the end of your story.
  4. Spell-check and review your work carefully before submitting.
  5. Do not submit your material to multiple publications.
  6. Your story should have strong factual information, be written compellingly, display good research and background knowledge, and be clear.
  7. An image accompanying your story would be welcome.