Protests Around The Globe For Palestine’s Freedom

Protests continued across the world, demanding-apart from a ceasefire-an end to Israeli occupation.

Despite a ceasefire that was most welcomed by people, protests continued to erupt across the world demanding-apart from a ceasefire-an end to Israeli occupation over Palestinian territories.

The global uprising that saw its culmination on Saturday last week coinciding with the “Nakba”/”catastrophe” day, still continues as we enter into the week that witnessed a ceasefire.

Earlier, there had been pro-Palestinian demonstrations across the U.S in massive numbers in places such as Sacramento, Chicago, and Dallas. It also occurred in Washington DC and New York where the renowned actor, Bella Hadid joined the masses at Brooklyn.

Europe also witnessed massive protests in various countries such as Madrid-Spain, Berlin-Germany, Athens- Greece. In Paris-France, a total of 4200 police force was deployed to disperse the protesting crowd. Tear gas was also used.

In India, Kashmiris, who have been under strict surveillance since 2019 when its autonomous status was repealed by the Indian government, voiced their solidarity with Palestinians starting 14th May. Following this 20 people were arrested including the artist Mudasir Gul. The painter, in his graffiti, had painted a woman’s face wrapped in a Palestinian flag with tears streaming down her face. He was immediately arrested, asked to erase the mural, and put behind bars for three days.

In Pakistan, last Wednesday, thousands gathered for the “Pakistan for Palestine” movement in front of the Karachi Press Club. As they demanded immediate ceasefire on behalf of Palestine, they further voiced the need for an end to the bombing of Gaza, an immediate end to the occupation and demolition of Palestinian settlements specifically in Sheikh Jarrah, and a final end to the forced eviction of local Palestinians.

Dissenting voices were heard in Tel Aviv, Israel, on Saturday where the protestors seemed to welcome Friday’s truce but voiced their demand for an end to Israeli occupation, along the Western Bank. As they marched to Habima Square, this was not their first protest. They had done the same on the previous weekend amidst the ongoing Israeli bombings of Gaza. They plan to hold more gatherings in the coming days. Protestors also gathered at Jerusalem on the same day in front of Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu’s house, and demanded his resignation.

Pro-Palestinian supporters march through Times Square after holding a protest near the Israeli Consulate following a flare-up of Israeli-Palestinian violence in the Manhattan borough of New York City, New York, U.S., May 11, 2021. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

In London, people gathered at Hyde Park on Saturday, a day after the ceasefire. As the Protest organizers estimated a head count of around 1,80,000, a rather large number, other parts of UK as well saw erupting dissenters in places such as Bristol, Peterborough, and Nottingham. The London protest however was one of a kind owing to its massive numbers which makes it the largest protest in the history of Britain.

Aside from demanding Palestinian freedom and an end to the war, former Labour Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell spoke of the need to move past the demand for ceasefire, and relayed “no justice, no peace” . The protestors called out the UK government and Prime Minister Boris Johnson. They further demanded UK to take action and hold Israel accountable. The protesters here as well made it clear that ceasefire was not the end goal and that there should come an end to Israeli occupation.

On Monday morning, a flash mob protest erupted at Yangon, Myanmar where the protestors raised their solidarity for the freedom for Palestine movement across the world. They further raised slogans that voiced the freedom of Myanmar’s Rohingyas who have been fleeing the country owing to the progressing ethnic cleansing sanctioned by the state.

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