Palestinian olive harvest: A season of joy and symbol of resistance

The olive harvest season is a symbol of the close relationship that links the Palestinians to their lands, all while expressing their national identity

The olive harvest season usually begins in the month of October and Palestinians start to harvest the olives to produce olive oil

Olive has long been an important part of the Mediterranean diet, and it has been steadily gaining popularity across the globe – all thanks to the many health benefits it offers!

Olives and olive oil are a must on every Palestinian family’s dining table, no matter rich or poor. The harvest season of olives is one of the most-awaited and flavorsome seasons of Palestine, and families, students, tourist groups alike love to experience the art of olive picking. The season is considered auspicious in the region as olive trees represent symbols of peace and hope.

Every year in October, thousands of Palestinians engage in a process of olive harvest to produce olive oil. This is a collaborative effort with the help of neighbors, friends, and family members. They do their best to pick the product after a year-long process of caring for the land and trees, which are considered of both nationalistic and economic value.

This season continues until the end of the month and every year the Ministry of Agriculture in Palestine determines the harvesting date. Even the permits for olives press machines for farmers to start their work are looked at by the ministry.

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