Our work is diverse and often challenging; we are trying to attract and engage people with genuine talent, ability and drive to take part in our work, and to be one of our team.

Core Middle East News Organisation (CME) is run largely by volunteers who devote their time for free to serve the running of the website. We can’t thank them enough for all that they are doing to run the site effectively, but we are extremely grateful to every volunteer.

Learning from international volunteers helps develop the capacity of our agency, through sharing creativity and research skills. CME is sorely trying to stretch and access fresh ideas and content that is invaluable in securing new followers and readers.

Core Middle East News Organisation (CME) offers a wide range of Projects as following:

  1. Internship

We know that media students face many problems in getting opportunities to do their internship. CME provides opportunities to many students whose university requirements require an internship to complete their degrees. Thus, we as a news agency, provide a place for journalists, mass communication specialists, designers and public relations students to fulfil their internship.

  1. Media & Journalism Volunteer Projects

Core Middle East News Organisation (CME) is looking for an international volunteer. We are constantly looking for new ideas for articles and content of this online publication. CME offers a great placement to gain practical experience in a challenging context as a volunteer journalist.

  • Content Writer

We are looking for volunteers to work with us as Content Writers to join our editorial team and enrich our websites with news articles. As a journalism volunteer, you will be working with a news agency that is covering news generally in the Middle East and in Palestine in particular. Your job will be online and in English only. Your responsibilities will be:

  1. Participate in research for articles, and produce content and ideas for online publication.
  2. Proof-read articles.
  3. Submit work to editors for input and approval.
  4. Conduct simple keyword research and use SEO guidelines to increase web traffic.
  5. Update website content as needed.
  6. Prepare well-structured drafts using Content Management Systems
  7. Proofread and edit posts before publication.
  • Public Relations (PR)

We are looking for volunteers to work with us in Public Relations (PR) to organize and oversee PR activities and ensure effective communication with other organizations and the public. PR involves maintaining a positive public image of the PSNA. Your responsibilities will be:

  1. Build up the agency image.
  2. Maintain a calendar of outreach activities, including community events, workshops, appearances and other communication opportunities.
  3. Nurture new and old relationships with collaborative partners.
  4. Plan publicity strategies and campaigns.
  5. Write and produce presentations and press releases.
  6. Respond to inquiries from the public, the press, and related organizations.
  • Graphic Designer

We are looking for volunteers to work with us in Graphic Design to design posters for the website and making videos for the YouTube channel. Your responsibilities will be:

  1. Prepare posters for the website as needed.
  2. Making videos for YouTube channel.
  3. Make promotional videos.
  4. Create subtitles in videos, as required.
  • Social media manager

We are looking for volunteers to work with us in social media management to manage the agency’s social media platforms. Your responsibilities will be:

  1. Plan strategies, and set goals for social media in line with the agency’s vision.
  2. Write social media post copy and ad copy.
  3. Ideate and create social media campaigns and content for branding.
  4. Develop awareness of CME and its online reputation.
  5. Reputation management.
  6. Use past experience or knowledge to manage queries through social media platforms.
  7. Post our daily posts on our social media accounts.
  8. Find new potential influencers to partner with on all social media platforms.


  1. Complete the application form.
  2. No experience is required.
  3. Send Curriculum Vitae.
  4. Bachelor degree in journalism, PR, marketing or related field, either complete or in progress.
  5. Cover letter with 150 words.
  6. Sample of your work and work experience will be a plus point to your application.


  1. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  2. Knowledge of media production and communication.
  3. Respond well under pressure with a strict time limit.
  4. Quick and enthusiastic learner.
  5. Ability to accept construction criticism.
  6. Deadline-oriented, inquisitive, with great follow-up and reporting skills.
  7. Ambition and a desire to succeed.
  8. Thorough with close attention to detail.
  9. Persistence and determination.

Applications steps

Step 1: Build your career profile

The first step in applying for any role that is available on our website is to start your career profile where you can add your personal information, skills and experience. This will help you to track your application progress.

Once you have created a career profile (CV), email it to us; we will confirm receipt.

Step 2: Interviews

The next stage involves interviews with CME team. We’ll schedule this via some online video application (Zoom, Skype, etc.)

Step 3: Notification of decision.

We will advise you either way of our decision.

Step 4: Start working

You will be provided with all facilities to start working.