One Afghan Guard Killed At Kabul Airport

A firefight between unidentified gunmen and the US, German and Afghan guards at Kabul airport on August 23 has left one Afghan guard dead and three wounded. Announced by the German Joint Forces Operations Command, Bundeswehr im Einsatz, via some tweets, the conflict started just after 7 am Kabul time at the north gate of the airfield when Afghan security forces, who are acting as guards, exchanged fire with the gunmen.

This morning at 04:13 [CEST], a firefight broke out between Afghan security forces and unknown assailants at the North Gate of #Kabul airport. One Afghan security force member was killed and three others wounded.”

Today’s fight came hours after Joe Biden vowed to expand the safe zone around the airport by creating conduits for people to access the compound safely and effectively, although he did not clarify whether it would be by expanding the perimeter of the US troops operating on the ground beyond the airport.

Since the Taliban seized the Afghan capital on August 15, the airport has been full of chaos as the US and other countries try to evacuate citizens and Afghans, mostly women and those who fear reprisals for working with Western forces.

Officials were not immediately available to comment on the deaths [AFP]

On Sunday, Taliban fighters beat back crowds at the airport a day after seven Afghans were killed in a crush at the gates, TRTWorld reports.

At least seven more were killed over the last week in a rush to leave the country.

There will be consequences: The guard’s death has taken place in a moment where hostilities seem to be increasing as the Taliban are gradually more unfriendly.

After the US president told US troops might stay longer to oversee a “hard and painful” evacuation and as the deadline for their withdrawal approaches, the Taliban have been crystal clear: foreign forces do not want to extend the 31 August deadline to leave the country.

If the US or UK were to seek additional time to continue evacuations, the answer is no. Or there would be consequences,” Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen told Sky News on Monday. “Staying beyond the agreed deadline would be “extending occupation,” he added.

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