Israeli Occupation Forces Arrest Palestinian Activist Mohammed El-Kurd & His Sister

Israeli authorities arrested Mona El-Kurd and Mohamed El-Kurd

Israeli authorities arrested Muna El-Kurd and Mohammed El-Kurd on Sunday in retaliation for the latest Palestinian Intifada that exposed the ethnic cleansing campaigns practiced by the Israeli forces.

Palestinian activists say that the detention of Mohammed and his sister is part of the larger Zionist project that aims to abort the Intifada.

Under the guise of self-defense, the Israeli occupation forces have been detaining a large number of Palestinian activists, and Journalists.  El-Kurds got arrested just one day after the forceful detention of Al-Jazeera’s Journalist Givara Budeiri.

Nabil El-Kurd, Mohammed’s father, said that the Israeli forces have savagely raided their home in Sheikh Jarrah, arrested Muna, and handed a notice to her brother, Mohammed El-Kurd, who was outside home at that time, to turn himself to the police.

“What’s happening is that they (Israel) want to quiet all of our voices in Jerusalem,” their father said.

He called on the Palestinian youth to protest outside the police station in East Jerusalem.

Mohammed and his sister led the #SheikhJarrah campaign to halt Israeli forced evictions of the Palestinians.

They were among the four major families that have been living under the threat of displacement in Sheikh Jarrah.

Muna said: “If their families are expelled, the rest of Jerusalem will be taken too.”

Israel is ramping up its efforts to thwart the Palestinian uprising, yet the international community is silent. Now with Bennet succeeding in forming a coalition government, the Israeli detention campaigns are expected to increase. The fragile ceasefire between Israel and Hamas will not halt Israeli provocative actions in the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem.

We have doubts that the United States will do anything to deter Israel. Blinken announced that the US will do everything to ensure Israel’s survival. Hence, the Palestinians have no other option but to resist, using their social media platform as a means of resisting in such an asymmetric conflict.

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