Israeli Occupation Forces Arrest 4 Of 6 Palestinian Escapees

Israel announced on Saturday that it had captured four of the six Palestinian escapees who made their way out of Gilboa’s highest-security prison in Israel. In a statement, the police said that Israeli security forces, including the military, have been working “around the clock” to catch the escapees.

All of the forces were deployed at full strength, searched in open areas, collected every piece of information until they succeeded in solving the puzzle to locate these two fugitives,” including Zubeidi, police said. The search for the final two prisoners was continuing.

On Friday, Israeli occupation forces captured two men, Yaqoub Qadri and Mahmoud Abdullah Ardah, both members of the Jihad movement.

“Police located (the two fugitives) and chased them in a helicopter,” Israeli police said in a statement, adding that the two “offered no resistance” during their arrest in the northern Nazareth city.

Police take Zakaria Zubeidi to a patrol car after he was captured in northern Israel after escaping from prison with other security prisoners, September 11, 2021. (Israel Police)

According to the scenario of the Israeli media, police was alerted by two local residents of two men asking for food.

It’s worth mentioning that the escape of the six Palestinians had brought controversy on social media platforms. The Israelis were in a state of embarrassment. A flurry of articles, for instance, has criticized the deep flaws within the Israeli prison system.

To many, the escape of the six Palestinians was a fleeting cause for celebration and victory over the Israeli security apparatus that works closely with the occupation forces to humiliate the innocent Palestinians.

The Israeli occupation forces have ramped up their efforts to avoid such an embarrassing situation from happening ever again. Israel has sent more troops to re-enforce its position in the occupied territories. Special attention has been paid to the area of Jenin, home to Zakaria Zubeidi, a leader in the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade. In addition, 80 Palestinian prisoners of Gilboa prison were transferred to other jails.

After the first two arrests on Friday night, rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip, where Islamic Jihad has a stronghold. No injuries were reported, and it was not immediately clear if the launches were linked to the arrests, according to newswires.

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