Israeli factions cooperate to oust PM Netanyahu

Naftali Bennett, who’s known for his racist discourse, announced his backing to Yair Lapid.

In the midst of a fragile ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, Israeli factions are cooperating to oust Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Now more than ever, the Israeli Knesset will be dominated by bigots to abort the ongoing Palestinian Intifada. Naftali Bennett, who’s known for his racist discourse, announced his backing to the opposition leader, Yair Lapid, to oust the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.  

“At such a crucial moment, responsibility must be taken. Therefore, I am announcing today that I intend to work with all my strength to build a national unity government together with my fried Yair Lapid, so that, God willing, together we will rescue the country from this tailspin and we will get Israel back on track,” Bennett said in a televised address.

Prime Minister Netanyahu responded: “I heard Naftali Bennett. Unfortunately, he is again misleading the public.”

In less than 2 years, Israel held its 4th election, and if this shows anything, it is that political instability and divisions have become ingrained in Israeli society. Before Bennett’s announcement, a leading Israeli media reported that factions from the right, left, and center are expected to reach a deal that aims to bring an end to Netanyahu’s government.

Mr. Bennett would replace Mr. Netanyahu, 71, as Prime Minister and later give way to Mr. Lapid, 57, in a rotation agreement. While the parties have little in common politically, they are united in their desire to see Mr. Netanyahu’s time in office come to an end,” BBC says.

Bennett is a former tech entrepreneur, who made a name in politics with hardline right-wing rhetoric.

Then Jewish Home leader Naftali Bennett (left) with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the Knesset, April 22, 2013 (Miriam Alster/Flash90)

Though Bennett and Netanyahu share the same ideology, the two have become increasingly opposed in the last 2 years.

“There are those who say that there’s a right-wing government around the corner and only we are preventing its establishment. That’s a complete lie,” Bennett said.

He added: “There is no right-wing government … Four elections and two months have proved there is no right-wing government headed by Netanyahu … It’s either fifth elections or a unity government.”

Lapid is expected to inform the Israeli President Reuven Rivlin of his plan to form a unity government with Bennett within one week.

Bennett and the Palestinians: Bennett is known for his anti-Palestinian rhetoric. In one of his speeches, he said it explicitly that the Palestinians have no rights in the West Bank. “There was never a Palestinian state here. Our forefathers and our descendants will not forgive an Israeli leader who gives up our country and divides our capital,” he said.

Bennett has repeatedly attacked the Palestinian government, opposing any attempts aimed at securing symbolic rights for the Palestinians in the West Bank.

Economy Minister Naftali Bennett addresses the INSS in Tel Aviv, Tuesday, January 28, 2014 (screen capture)

In 2014, Bennett attacked Netanyahu for a proposed peace deal that aimed to leave Jewish settlers under Palestinian rule in the West Bank.

Do you know why, why Jews cannot live under Palestinian rule, why Palestinians can’t rule over Jews? Because they will kill them,” Bennett said at a conference in Tel Aviv.

For years, Bennett has been the “enfant terrible” of the government. During Israel’s 2014 war with Gaza, he demanded an offensive against Hamas.

His so-called “cratering plan” consisted of prolonged, targeted airstrikes along with pinpoint commando raids,” Ben Caspit, a columnist for Al-Monitor’s Israel Pulse.

If Bennett succeeded in foiling the so-called sabotage attempts of the right, Israeli settlements are expected to increase. He said it explicitly: “I have killed lots of Arabs in my life and I have no problem with that.”

If this shows anything, it is that the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas will not prevent Bennett from exterminating the rights of the Palestinians. Hence, the Palestinian intifada is expected to continue.

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