Israel Strikes Gaza Once Again

The Israeli occupation forces on Saturday targeted Hamas positions in Gaza in retaliation for the recent rocket attacks fired from the Palestinian enclave, security forces and the army said.

“Fighter jets, helicopters, and tanks hit a rocket manufacturing site, and military posts belonging to Hamas. Also, the Israeli occupied forces claimed that they had bombed “terrorist targets in the Gaza Strip,” the Israeli army revealed.

Hamas condemned the Israeli provocations, with a spokesman vowing “to defend the Palestinian people and liberate the land and their holy sites from the occupation and its colonial settlers until achieving the inevitable triumph”

It is worth mentioning that two Palestinian farmers were wounded during the Israeli attack on the Palestinian lands, Al-Ahram says. Though Hamas said it did not aim to initiate an attack, the Israeli forces ignored their claims. Frankly speaking, it is a good opportunity for Israel to further its attacks and illegal imprisonment of the innocents Palestinians.

Since the onset of the latest Palestinian Intifada, the Israeli occupation forces have been ramping up their efforts to crack down on the Palestinians under the guise of protecting national security. Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett rejected Hamas’s explanation and stated that “Whoever aims missiles at the State of Israel will bear the consequences.”

Despite the latest fragile ceasefire between Hamas and Israel, tensions escalated.  It will be naïve to argue that Israel will halt its provocative actions in the Gaza Strip and Sheikh Jarrah. Pragmatically speaking, tensions can escalate again, if Israel refuses to recognize the rights of the Palestinians in accordance with the (242) UN resolution. Given that the Israeli right-wing parties are already dominating Israeli politics, and with the absence of an optimal solution, tensions may flare up once again between the occupying power and the innocent Palestinians.

The upsurge in Palestinian activism is a potent reminder to Israel that it cannot wish away its Palestinian neighbors. The ongoing Intifada has shown once again that peace won’t be attained through normalization deals with the Arab countries. Accordingly, Israel will resume its apartheid policies to thwart the Palestinian Intifada. 

The international outrage over Israel’s apartheid policies gives a glimmer of hope to the Palestinians to continue their struggle against Israeli aggression. Yet despite this veneer, international condemnations are not enough. Though President Joe Biden vowed to promote human rights around the world, he has not taken any meaningful steps to achieve this end goal. In addition to that, he is providing authoritarian states like Saudi Arabia and Israeli with more weapons, which worsens the humanitarian situation in Yemen and Palestine.

Marwa El-Shinawy, Ph.D. in American Theater and member of the Higher Committee for the Cairo International Festival for Contemporary and Experimental Theater says: “How then does the US support the two-state solution while encouraging Israel to undermine the possibility of establishing a Palestinian state on the ground?”

“How does the US call for peace in the Middle East and encourage the Israelis to escalate the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians at the same time? What is happening now to the Palestinians is the true test of the Biden administration, which claims it has come to defend human rights. Indeed, Palestinian lives matter,” El-Shinawy added.

The Arabs are not doing their job as well. Instead of defending the Palestinians, they normalize relations with Israel to contain Iran. Yet, Iran is just the tip of the iceberg. The Israeli policy focuses on weakening the Arab states and siphoning their resources, with the end goal of making them more dependent on Tel Aviv.

In such an asymmetric conflict, it seems that the Palestinians are fighting alone. We call on Israel to halt its provocative policies in the occupied territories, including its settlement policies.

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