Israel Outlaws 6 Prominent Palestinian Organizations, Calls Them ‘Terrorist Groups’|

Israel announced on Friday its decision to outlaw six prominent civil society organizations, calling them “terrorist groups”.

The decision has appalled a number of Palestinian activists who perceived it as a blow to the Palestinian cause.

Activists say the decision aims entirely to silence human rights organizations. The move, in addition, would legitimize Israel’s crackdown on similar organizations.

The occupying forces, on the other hand, say these groups were a front for a small PLO faction with a violent history, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

“The terrorism label would allow Israel to raid the groups’ offices, seize assets, arrest employees and criminalize funding and expressions of support,” Egypt Independent reveals.

The six groups have denounced the Israeli decision, saying it’s a blatant attempt to squash reporting on human rights abuses committed by the occupying forces against innocent Palestinians.

“We hope that the International community will put enough pressure on Israel so that it will back down,” Ubai Aboudi, head of the Bisan Center for Research and Development, one of the targeted groups, said Saturday. Aboudi said he was previously charged by Israel with being a PFLP member, but denied ever belonging to the group.

The U.N. Human Rights Office in the Occupied Territories has denounced the decision, adding that the Israeli claims are vague and/ or irrelevant.

The decision came amid calls for the release of the Palestinian prisoners who started a hunger strike, calling for an end to the illegal detention under the Israeli administrative prison system.

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