International Call For The End Of Israeli Apartheid

On Monday, the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs urged the international community to enforce the law and end Israel’s apartheid system. The ministry emphasized the necessity of ending Israeli prejudice against Palestinians in a statement released on the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. It proposed ending military cooperation with Israel and imposing fines on persons and businesses involved in illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank.

The Ministry hailed the Israeli attempt to change the demographic reality through the ethnic cleansing of the people of occupied Palestine as “a violation against the Palestinians and their inalienable rights.”

The Palestinian Authority applauded recent assessments by international human rights organizations concluding that Israel maintains an apartheid government. It went on to say that the international community should stop being silent on the matter and take action against the occupying authority through the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity and probable war crimes.

According to the Wafa news agency, dozens of international organizations, human rights networks, professors, and researchers from 45 countries have called on the UN and the West to censure Israel for its occupation of Palestine and apartheid system.

67 international organizations and human rights organizations, as well as 279 academics and researchers, have signed the appeal for sanctions, according to Ramzi Odeh, the Secretary-General of the International Academic Campaign against Occupation and Apartheid.

The move, according to Odeh, displays international support for the Palestinian people’s legitimate aspirations. He condemned the West’s double standards on the Palestinian issue in relation to its approach to the Ukraine crisis.

The formal statement will be filed at the Human Rights Council’s 49th session in Geneva, which will assert the problem of Israeli occupation and the state’s continuous attacks on Palestinians, according to a campaign official. A letter will be issued to EU representatives, as well as Palestinian embassies and representative offices.

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