Grand funeral procession for ‘Mountain of Palestine’

Thousands of Palestinians took part in the grand funeral procession of Omar Al Barghouthi (Abu Asef) in the village of Kober in Ramallah today.

The funeral marched from the Istishari hospital towards the hometown of Barghouthi. Thousands of citizens from all over the West Bank took part in the funeral.

The participants chanted slogans praising Barghouthi’s fight for freedom and resistance against occupation.

Participants raised the flags of Palestine and Hamas, while participants in the military outfit of Al Qassam brigades appeared.

Abu Asef died yesterday after being infected with COVID virus.

He is a former prisoner, who spent almost half of his life in Israeli jails. He was also a major leader of Hamas and one of Al Qassam Brigades’ founders in the occupied West Bank, according to the military wing of Hamas.

Barghouthi’s brother, Na’el, is the longest-serving political prisoner in the world. His son Saleh was killed by the Israeli army, while his other son Asem is detained in an Israeli jail. Also, the occupation state demolished his house and arrested his wife and other family members several times.

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