Islamabad: Global Peace Summit Addressed the Genocide In Occupied Kashmir & Palestine

An international forum for human rights and social justice called the Global Peace Summit held in-depth sessions on August 10, 2022, at the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad to talk about how important it is for different sectors to collaborate in order to guarantee lasting peace in the world’s most troubled regions. Many well-known individuals from around the nation and the world who work in government agencies, business sectors, bureaucracy, foreign affairs, and the military as well as diplomatic and international relations institutes attended the event.

The major goal of the conference, according to Zain Malik, director of public relations for the Global Peace Summit (Pakistan), was to explicitly draw attention to the pressing concerns of the ongoing genocide in occupied Kashmir and Palestine, the process of holding those responsible for war crimes accountable, the rise of racism and islamophobia in the West, and the current immigrant crisis throughout the world.

Shaikh Mahmud bin Ilyas, the founding chairman of the Global Peace Summit, stated in his speech that “the summit is a first step towards creating a confederation dedicated to addressing and alleviating the sufferings of the oppressed throughout the world with prompt and effective remedies.” He further pressed that the monopolies of powerful mafias and disloyal elites have in some manner reduced the people to servitude.

The Global Peace Summit is a platform for combating the vices of prejudice, extremism, injustice, and nepotism as well as for legally indicting the vice syndicates. Speaking of the ethnic groups that have been exposed to genocide, he pointed out how the media’s refusal to expose war crimes based on race, nation, and gender has prevented the planners of this conflict from facing any consequences. Additionally, the inability of human rights groups and intergovernmental organizations to develop acceptable solutions to the concerns has simply served to fuel misunderstanding, support, or neglect of these problems.

It has taken the initiative to convene local and worldwide leaders, decision-makers, and public voices on a single platform in the middle of all these crises in order to develop workable and speedy solutions based on the ideals of social justice, equity, and coexistence.

In order to enable the construction of global peace and prosperity by improved collaboration on human rights and social justice, the Global Peace Summit proposes the creation of the Global Peace Confederation, with headquarters in either Turkey or Qatar.

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