‘Erasure’ Of Hawara Village: Another Phase Of Nakba Is Yet To Start

A week back, the extremist Finance Minister of Israel Bezalel Smotrich called on the wiping out “Hawara” village, as this call came along with voting on the death sentence by the Israeli parliament for the captivated Palestinians, as the extremist announcement was followed by a wide series of captivation to the Palestinians in the West Bank regions in addition to the Jerusalem.

Eradicating “Hawara” will hold serious consequences on the Palestinian reality, it is an obvious declaration not to eradicate only a limited geographical land instead it means eradicating the identity related to the homeland to Palestinian citizens, conducting ethnic cleansing crimes, massacres, and legitimating raping human rights, which is an explicit demand by Israel about legitimating of acting a genocide in Palestine, and that will be leading to another Nakba might Palestinians witness without mercy.

The Israeli journal “Haartz” has recognized the violent acts which the Israeli settlers have been acted in “Hawara”, as the remarks revealed crucial facts about the Zionist practices against Palestinians and clarified the brutal face of the fascist Israeli governments, these facts emphasized that 400 settlers have been set fires on homes and people in the West Bank villages among of them “Hawara”, which is considered a frank announcement on the Israeli terrorist acts against the Palestinians.

Moreover, on March 7, 5 Palestinians have been cruelly wounded in cold blood, and in the middle of celebrating rituals of the Purium, an Israeli festival, with complicity between settlers and soldiers and without any efforts to halt the inhuman practices by either the Israeli human rights group or the Israeli military as they both were present at that moment, which is considered obvious encouragement of murdering the Palestinians.

In January this year, 35 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces according to the Palestinian Health Ministry, followed by the attacks in the West Bank’s villages among them the intensive aggression in “Hawara”. While Israel kills Palestinians, it does widen its existence by expanding the settlements in Palestinians’ private lands after destroying their homes and pushing them to leave and rape their homeland. The apartheid calls on eradicating “Hawara” is a frank call to expand Israeli settlements to undermine the existence of Palestinians in Palestine and expel them from their land which might lead to a dangerous situation and witnessing another Nakba in Palestine.




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