Egypt Allocates $500 Million for Gaza Reconstruction to be implemented by Egyptian Companies

Egypt allocates $500M, 50 ambulances and 130 trucks of food, medicines, outfits, furniture, baby dairy, and electrical devices in support of the Palestinians.

During the visit of Egyptian President Abdel-Fatah El-Sisi to Paris, he held talks with his French counterpart Emanuel Macron and the Jordanian King Abdudullah II and announced on Tuesday, May 18, 2021, the allocation of $500 million for the reconstruction and building Gaza after the destruction its infrastructure by Israeli air-strikes. The talks aimed at reaching a rapid ceasefire to the Israeli aggression in Gaza. This initiative also will include training young Palestinian cadres to develop their skills in the fields of management, leadership, and technology.

The presidency said in a statement on Facebook page, “Egypt will provide $500 million for the reconstruction process in the Gaza Strip as a result of recent events, with expert Egyptian construction companies implementing the rebuilding.”

Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, expressed his appreciation to the efforts exerted by Egypt to stand by the side of the Palestinians.

According to the state-run Palestinian News Agency Wafa, Abbas said that, “Egypt’s national and historic position “reflects its role in the Arab world in supporting the Palestinian people and defending their rights until the establishment of its independent state with East Jerusalem as the capital.”

In addition, Ismail Haniyeh, the Chief of Hamas, thanked Egypt for its mediation efforts and its contributions to help the Palestinians, reflected the country’s “national commitment to the Palestinian cause.”

Egypt on Sunday, May 16, 2021, ordered to specially open the Rafah crossing between Egypt and Gaza to deliver medical aid and allow wounded Palestinians to be treated in Egyptian hospitals, namely Al-Arish, Bir Al-Abd, and Ismailia.

According to the Health Ministry, Egypt has sent 65 tons of medical aid to neighboring Gaza and provided 11 hospitals nationwide with a capacity of 1,800 beds.

Moreover, Egypt provided the largest convoy to Gaza, composed of 130 trucks with 2,500 tons of food, medicines, outfits, furniture, baby dairy, and electrical devices, the Presidency Office said.


Palestinian ambassador to Cairo, Diab Al Louh, thanked the Egyptian President for his continuous support to the Palestinian cause.

He said, “This is Egypt which is always keen to preserve the blood of the Palestinian people”.

The number of Palestinian martyrs are more than 220, including more than 60 children. More than 52,000 Palestinians are displaced. Amid an ongoing pabdemic, Israel struck the only Covid-19 testing laboratory in the Gaza Strip, Health Ministry said.

The Egyptian Red Crescent announced, through its Facebook page, opening the door for donations by Egyptian citizens and for volunteering by joining the medical teams.

The Egyptian Red Crescent in Northeastern Sinai also announced the presence of a paramedic team at the crossing 24 hours a day to help transport the injured, local media reported.

The Palestinian politician, Mohamed Dahlan, said through his Facebook page, “Egypt has never failed the Palestinian people; it has always been with Palestine through thick and thin. The Egyptian soldier fought and martyred for the sake of our country,”

He added, “Today, President Sisi adds new and major achievement to Egypt’s permanent stance by announcing the allocation of $500M for the reconstruction of Gaza and building a modern infrastructure for our people in the Strip,”

“President Sisi decided that with great generosity, affirming the unity of destiny between our two brotherly peoples.”

Egypt has stood and continues to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people and with the Palestinian cause. It expresses support and backing during these times of crisis.

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