Cybersecurity: Centre of Discussion In Biden-Putin Geneva Summit

This is the first meeting ever since Biden became President.

Biden describes the tone of the conversation as ‘positive’. He asserts that meeting in person was very important to avoid any sort of misinterpretation. Putin thinks the meeting was productive and constructive.

The two leaders of the super-powerful nation of the world on Wednesday encountered each other face to face in Geneva. This historic meeting of President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin threw light on a number of issues. It is the first meeting ever since Biden became President of the United States. The last meeting was held between former President Trump and President Putin in the year 2019.

The atmosphere of the summit was surprisingly favorable. Biden describes the tone of the conversation as ‘positive’. He asserts that meeting in person was very important to avoid any sort of misinterpretation. While his counterpart Putin thinks the meeting was productive and constructive.

Biden voiced his support for the stability and cooperation on mutual interest. And work on the differences. While on the other hand, Putin said, there were “no hostilities” during the three hours conversation.

During the recent tensions between Russia and America, when Biden called Putin a killer, as a result, both the countries disengaged their top envoys. Russia’s ambassador to the US, Anatoly Antonov, and his counterpart US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan returned back to Moscow and Washington respectively amid tension. But Putin in the latest summit asserted in the coming days the return of ambassadors to their respective posts.

President Biden advocated against human rights violated by Russia. By highlighting the case of Alexi Navalny and two wrongfully imprisoned American citizens Paul Whalen and Trevor Reed. To which Putin responded by highlighting U.S. domestic turmoil, including the Black Lives Matter protests and insurrection at the Capitol.

President Biden also voiced for Freedom of expression and speech, by liberating the operation of Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. Moreover, Biden enlightened about the Arms control measures by initiating “bilateral strategic stability dialogue” to avoid any unplanned conflict.

Both the leaders agreed on replacing the last remaining treaty between the two countries limiting nuclear weapons. And to work together on global challenges and countering nuclear threats from Iran and North Korea.

Out of discussion on various issues, cybersecurity was one of the tense areas of the discussion. “We agreed to task experts in both our countries to work on specific understandings about what is off-limits,” Biden said pointing out towards cyberattacks.

As in the world of cyber, everything can be denied nothing remains solid. Putin denied all the allegations that Russia was involved in nurturing ransomware groups. He mentioned as per United States sources, the majority of cyberattacks come from within the borders of the United States, Canada, Latin America, and the United Kingdom. He said Russia remains exempted from this list of countries involved in cyberattacks.

Biden also made some not-so-friendly statements. Biden warned of “robust and meaningful consequences” if Russia engages in “harmful activities”.  This remark was made if any sort of loss happens to Alexi Navalny by Russia.

Speaking of Middle East, Biden stated that both stand together in providing economic and physical security in Syria and Libya. While there were no talks on providing Palestine any sort of assistance, a place where human rights have been slaughtered regularly.

The relationship between both US and Russia deteriorated after the meeting with Former President Trump and President Putin. But this time with President Biden, things seem quite different and ambiguity on kind of relationship will hopefully be clear in the coming days.


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