‘Bloody Tuesday’ & More: Palestinian Prisoners Continue To Suffer Harsh Conditions In Israeli Jails

As the holy month of Ramadan is around the corner, Palestinians in captivation face torture with intense brutality in Israeli jails, and the expectations declared that the escalation against them will be rougher than before during the forthcoming period according to Israeli remarks by the extremist Itamar Ben Gvir, the “Bloody Tuesday” is an affirmation to counter to the stepping up escalations which Israel plans to carry out.

Violating Palestinian captives

Palestinian captives are suffering under suppression and violation. Since 1967 the toll of Palestinian captives in Israeli prisons reached 800,000 according to the United Nation statistics, 235 of them have died as a result of medical negligence, and the last one was “Ahmad Abu- Ali” who aged 48 years old, moreover, until the end of January this year, the number of Palestinians in captivation reached to 4,780 distributed between 23 prisons, among of them, there are 29 women and 160 children and under age.

Captives in Israeli prisons are treated harshly and without mercy, they are killed deliberately under the shortage of medical care because Israel rejects to supply them with medical and emergency care, as a result, they are suffering from serious illnesses, about 24 captives have cancer with varying degrees, and hundreds of them already died after getting freed, affected by illnesses inherited from jails. Israel is not content with this, instead, it returns lots of them to jails after accepting to perform surgeries for them, following the exacerbating of their health situations, in addition to intensive various methods of torture which lead to the murder of many of them, which is considered explicit acts against humanity and a form of conducting war crimes in such a deliberate manner.

Israeli remarks targeting Palestinians in Israeli jails

The extremist Itamar Ben Gvir, who is known as the Israeli Minister of National Security, promised to suppress the Palestinian captives in Israeli jails and tighten the abuse upon them, in reply, Palestinian captives completed two months on strike on March 15. Ben Gvir’s declarations came to include the execution of the Palestinian captives whom Israel condemns in the death of the terrorist Zionists, shifting them arbitrarily from one Israeli jail to another, and starving them by preventing fresh bread as Israel decided to prevent it and replacing it with hard and frozen bread.

Moreover, the harsh procedures that Israel imposed on Palestinians extend to prevent them from sleeping and family visits, also, decrease the time of having a shower to only one hour per day, and reduce the amount of water as well. Palestinian captives are going to take steps towards the massive strike by the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan as Israel usually intense the escalation inside and outside jails during Ramadan, the massive strike will be including returning the bad food which Israel gave to them, demonstrating in squares, and other protest steps.

In return, Palestinians outside are keeping demonstrations in the streets. On March 14, they protested against what Israel has declared, remembering that last Tuesday was a “Bloody Tuesday” occasion, the Israeli declarations are going to reach by default Palestinians who are outside jails as well, strictly mentioned, every year Israel intense the escalations in every region in Palestine during the holy month, which leads to lifting more victims, injuries and captivate more persons.

‘The Bloody Tuesday’

The “Bloody Tuesday” refers historically to June 17, 1930, when the British Mandate captivated 26 Palestinians after the Al-Buraq revolution, Palestinians had revolted against the Israeli demonstrations and abuses in Al-Quds streets reaching Al-Buraq wall, and at that time Palestinian captives had been sentenced of death, before the sentence mitigated on 23 to jail for life, and sentenced to death the other three.

The three executed martyrs are “Fu’ad Hijazi”, “Ata Al-Zeer”, and “Mohammad Jamjoom”, who were executed consecutively at eight, nine, and ten o’clock. The day on which they were executed had named “Bloody Tuesday” because of the three martyrs who have been murdered in three different hours on a Tuesday day in 1930. Tuesday last week was the day of memorizing the deadly event by Palestinian captives and Palestinians outside, in synchronize with the harsh declaration to abuse and suppress the captives. The whole Palestinians decided to walk in the footsteps of the three Palestinians who were executed asking for freedom of the land and population.

“Bloody Tuesday” literally means “Red Tuesday”, but It is much fair to translate the word “red” to “bloody” as the sad event tells a deadly deliberate crime against Palestinian captives, however, the British Mandate had intended to conquer and curb the Palestinian and prevent them asking of their rights supporting the establishment of the fake Israeli state, instead, the bloody event was a turning point which widened the awareness of Palestinians in their selves and their existence as we witness today.


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