Blinken on Middle East tour to bolster Israel-Palestine ceasefire

Blinken vowed on Tuesday that the United States would work to rally international support to rebuild Gaza as part of efforts to bolster the Israel-Palestine ceasefire.

US secretary of State Antony Blinken vowed on Tuesday that the United States would work to rally international support to rebuild Gaza as part of efforts to bolster the Israel-Palestine ceasefire. But he added that the US would ensure “Hamas did not benefit from the reconstruction assistance”.

After the meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Blinken also announced that the US would reopen its Jerusalem consulate, and promised nearly $40 million in new aid, upgrading Palestinian ties.

The Times of Israel reported, “Israel approval will be required to open a diplomatic mission in its capital, and according to Axios, Netanyahu pushed back on the request, saying he’d prefer if things remain as they are”. “The US expects Jerusalem to eventually comply with its request, as Jerusalem will likely want to reserve its clashes with the administration to conversations about its efforts to return to the Iran nuclear deal”.

The Biden administration stated its support for a ” two-state solution”. “We believe that Palestinians and Israelis equally deserve to live safely and securely, to enjoy equal measures of freedom, opportunity, and democracy, to be treated with dignity, ” Blinken said.

The purpose of Blinken’s Middle East tour is to reinforce America’s commitment to Israel’s security, to work for greater peace, and to take steps to rebuild the besieged Gaza. Biden had already mentioned on Sunday that Blinken would meet “with Israeli leaders about our ironclad commitment to Israel’s security,”


At the same time, Netanyahu faces criticism from Israel that he stopped the war too soon without giving a heavier blow to Hamas. But Netanyahu warned of a “very powerful” response if Hamas breaks the ceasefire.

Hamas is considered a terrorist group by the US, EU, UK, and Israel. “We will do this in full partnership with the Palestinian Authority, not Hamas, the authority, in a manner that does not permit Hamas to simply restock his military arsenal,” Biden said.

According to the latest report by the UN, 258 buildings, comprising 1,042 housing and commercial units, were destroyed during the attack. In addition, 769 housing units were severely damaged and 14,536 suffered minor damage. About 54 education facilities, 6 hospitals, and 11 primary healthcare facilities were also destroyed.

At least 248 people, including 66 children in Gaza were killed by Israel airstrikes after the brutal attack that triggered in Jerusalem between Jewish settlers and Palestinian protesters. Al Aqsa Mosque, the third holiest place in Islam has turned into a center of violence over the years.

The global outrage caused by the brutal attack on Palestinian worshippers during the holy month of Ramadan was followed by the fragile cease-fire. Jewish settlers attacked the worshippers offering weekly Friday prayer at the Al Aqsa hours after the ceasefire came into effect.

Palestinian shot dead

On Tuesday, the undercover Israeli forces entered the Umm Al Sharayit, and a Palestinian young man identified as Ahmad Jamil Fahd was shot and killed, according to the Wafa news agency.

Israel police launched “Operation Law and Order” on Monday involving the mass arrest of Palestinian citizens of Israel and those living in Jerusalem. The Palestinians who took part in the uprising to resist Israel colonization were arrested on charges ranging from attacks on police to riot to online incitement.

“This is a war against Palestine demonstrators, political activists, and minors, employing massive Israeli police forces to raid the homes of Palestinian citizens,” Hassan Jabareen, the general director of Adalah said.

Blinken said he and Netanyahu had a discussion on “other steps” for a ” better course ” that need to be taken by the leaders of Israel and Palestine. He added the steps would be taken to repair the besieged Gaza.

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