Biden’s Administration rewards Emgage Muslim group for serving the Democratic Party

The Biden administration appointed Farouq Mitha, a board member in Emgage Muslim group, last month as a Senior Advisor in DoD Office of Small Business Programs.

The Biden administration appointed Farouq Mitha, a board member in Emgage Muslim group, last month as a Senior Advisor in the Department of Defense (DoD) Office of Small Business Programs as a reward for the organization’s support to the Democratic Party. President Joe Biden has vowed during the presidency elections that he would increase the number of Muslim Americans in the new US administration for various positions. Twelve Muslim Americans were appointed in various positions, where Farouq Mitha was appointed last month a Senior Advisor in the Department of Defense (DoD) Office of Small Business Programs.

Farouq Mitha is a leader in the Israel lobby and a board member at Emgage Muslim group. The step is regarded to be a reward for Emgage organization’s efforts in supporting Biden during the presidential elections.

Mitha’s new role is to help small business to supply the US with weapons and materials needed to achieve its foreign policies. Mitha also held a more junior position in the same office during the Obama administration.

Emgage Muslim group is a civic advocacy organization with national headquarters in Washington, D.C. Its purported mission is to promote the attainment of justice and equality for all marginalized communities. Emgage plays a role in serving US interests and achieving its foreign policy in different ways.

First, Emgage retreated from supporting the BDS movement and Palestinian rights. BDS is a Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement. It works to end international support for Israel’s oppression of Palestinians, pressure Israel to comply with international law, and calls for full Palestinians rights.

According to Electronic Intifada, during Trump’s administration, Emgage opposed Trumps’ decision to relocate the US embassy to Jerusalem. It also opposed his decision to eliminate US funding to UNRWA that provides health and education to Palestinian refugees.

Emgage also showed its support to Palestinians through their website. However, under the Biden administration, Emgage did not ask Biden to reverse Trump’s decision on the move to Jerusalem.

Moreover, it neither opposed US aid to Israel nor demanded that Biden lifts sanctions over the International Criminal Court (ICC), that were imposed by Trump to investigate Israeli war crimes in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Emgage did not issue any statements regarding the US policy towards Palestine.

Second, Emgage supports Biden’s aggressive foreign policy towards China, which has not changed since Trump’s administration. Emgage supported the boycott of Chinese goods because, according to its allegations, they were produced by Muslim Uyghurs forced labor.

In addition, a day before Trump left office, the secretary of state ,Mike Pompeo, announced that China is committing a ‘genocide’ against Muslim Uyghurs. The announcement was supported by Emgage.

Iman Awad, Deputy Director of Emgage Action, said, “This genocide designation is long overdue — as it comes only during the final hours of Trump’s presidency. Recognizing the atrocities perpetrated by the Chinese state against the Uyghur population is a necessary step in order to hold those complicit accountable”.

She also added, “Under the Biden-Harris administration, we hope that policies including the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act are passed to put an end to this horrific crime against humanity”.

According to Electronic Intifada, there are extensive ties between Emgage and Israel lobby, especially through the Muslim Leadership Initiative (MLI), an educational program that invites American Muslim leaders to learn about Judaism, Israel, and North American Jewish identity through a Zionist lens.

The Emgage Action committee was also found out to be raising money for pro-Israel candidates in the last US Presidential elections.

Emgage Muslim group is keen on achieving the revolving door policy where its acts as a source of pressure on powers to seek jobs and patronage for its own leaders.

As Farouq Mitha proved the validity of this policy, another person called Dilawar Syed was appointed a position by the Biden administration as a Deputy Administrator at the Small Business Administration.

Syed is also a board member in Emgage and the CEO of a California Healthcare Technology Company. Syed was capable of collecting money and fundraising for the Democratic Party, especially for Biden during the last US Presidential elections.

All in all, despite the Biden administration is expressing its desire to include different sectors of the society such as Muslim Americans to guarantee diversity and equal representation, it appears to be assigning positions only for those who are able to serve and advance US foreign policy goals.

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