Battle of the Empty Intestine | Inside the Story of the Palestinian Prisoners

Activist go on hunger strike all across the globe to protest against the injustice.

Since 1967, 40 % of the adult male population in the West Bank and Gaza Strip have been victims of some form of detention in Israeli violence.

The discussion involves activists and influencers from cross the world, who have taken a pledge to protest against the Israeli police injustice against Palestinian prisoners and be a part of the revolution. Currently there are two prisoners on 80 + days of hunger strike. With no fear and the worry of the families, we all aim to get this violence to an end. Watch the discussion to know more about the cause.

What we can do is add Kayed and Ayyad’s successful hunger strike and while this form of protest is still relevant to the original cause.


Hosted by: Aakriti Dhawan


Mohammed (thatmuslimguy) – Social influencer for Middle East news

Jane Large – Human rights activist

Mohammed Mansour – Writer and activist


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