Airstrikes In Yemen Amid Peace Talks

Over 80 people were killed in an airstrike on Friday when a prison in Saada was bombarded.

The conflict in Yemen has been escalating in recent times, and many civilians have been lost to increasing violence. The prison in Saada was reportedly used as a holding center for migrants, who made up many of the casualties. The Houthi rebels showed footage of bodies amongst rubble from the prison attack, while more people, children among them, died in Hudaydah in airstrikes by the Saudi-led coalition. The children were reportedly playing on a football field when the missiles struck.

The UN security council condemned the recent attack by the Houthis on the UAE. In March 2021, Saudi Arabia had put forward a peace plan, an UN-supervised ceasefire, and proposed the opening of vital air and sea links. However, the deal was rejected by the Houthis because it didn’t include a complete lifting of the blockade in Sanaa and the western port in Hudaydah.

On Thursday, Hans Grundberg, UN envoy to Yemen, met with the Saudi Defence Minister, Khalid Bin Salman Al-Saud, to discuss ending the war in Yemen. Grundberg expressed “grave concern” about the impact of the recent military escalation on the prospects of peace in Yemen and the extreme loss of civilian lives. The UN Special Envoy also warned that the possibility of peace talks was being jeopardized following the recent spike in Houthi offensives. The coalition intervened in Yemen in the March of 2015 after the Houthis overcame the internationally recognized government from Sanaa.

The coalition has called on civilians in the capital Sanaa to stay away from Houthi military camps and gatherings as it carries out targeted strikes in the coming days and weeks. In September the coalition resumed their attacks on military sites belonging to the Houthis after they launched cross-border missiles and drones on Saudi cities and struck the UAE.

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